Custom Orders and Private Label

What does Nickelback have to do with Prairie Rose Candle Company?

Custom candles!  We designed a very special candle for this iconic Canadian band called "Nickelsnap" to recreate a family scent.  We can do the same for you!

We have created custom candles for weddings, yoga and wellness stores, bachelorette parties and individuals wanting their own special scent.

We are excited to work with you on a personalized candle to showcase and tell the story of your brand or celebrate a special occasion! Make memories with a candle and a fragrance that is all about YOU and your journey.

We also offer private label candles!  Custom create your own brand unique to your store. Choose from a variety of candle vessels from simple and chic to elegant and striking. 

Pricing includes design meeting, choice of vessel and fragrance, labels as well as the "rights" to your signature scent to ensure only you have that one of a kind candle.

Contact us for pricing and more details.