Why should you trim a candle wick?

Should you trim a candle wick?

Always ensure the wick is trimmed 1/4" prior to EACH use. Trimming the wick will allow the candle to have a longer, more uniform burn. A wick trimmer can be used, or a pair of nail clippers works well in a pinch.

Can you trim a wick with scissors?

You can; however, it is not advised as scissors are designed for "straight across" cuts, not for angled cuts.  In addition, scissors are used for many items, and there may be debris or substances on the scissors that could cause difficulty in relighting your candle. Scissors may also fray the wick which can cause the wick to burn too hot.

What can I use to trim a candle wick?

The best option is a specially designed wick trimmer, which has a long handle and specially designed cutting blades that will easily trim the wick.

How can I trim a candle wick without a trimmer?

A good pair of nail clippers will work in a pinch.  Avoid using scissors.