All About Jasmine

What does jasmine smell like?

Jasmine lends a floral scent that is rich and sweet. To some, jasmine alone is almost too sweet of an aroma. However, when combined with other scents, it is just the right touch. 

Jasmine is also considered very sensual. In fact, jasmine is often described as being intoxicating and even exotic. Due to its carnal qualities, jasmine is considered an aphrodisiac in some cultures. Hindus and Muslims regard jasmine as the perfume of love, used for relaxing the body and lowering emotional borders, both of which are needed when engaging in intimacy. 

Jasmine is so often associated with sensuality, love and the like that there is a legendary tale centered around this flower. Essentially, it involves a Tuscan gardener guarding his precious jasmine plant, refusing to let others cut from it. Once the jasmine finally bloomed, he presented it to a woman he was in love with and she was so charmed by it that she agreed to marry him. 

The jasmine flower, although it seems to have a feminine nature, is actually a fragrance that can be worn or appreciated by anyone. Male, female and non-binary alike, the jasmine scent can be added to a variety of other scents, complementing and accentuating it into something truly special.

Is jasmine a good smell?

Jasmine, like many aromatherapy scents, has been linked with reducing depression and improving mental health. In one study, jasmine oil was found to increase blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and even the breathing rate of participants. Overall, it gave them a sense of being more alert, vigorous and ready to take on the day. With this sensation, jasmine oil was concluded to be stimulative for alleviating depressive symptoms, lifting the spirits and more. 

Since jasmine does increase blood oxygen levels and affects the central nervous system, it gives off another benefit: boosting your energy. With many of the similar reasons pointed out in the study, jasmine not only lifts your spirits but your energy as well. Not only does jasmine make you feel better, but it gives some pep to your step. 

Does jasmine smell like vanilla?

Some variations of Jasmine, such as Chilean and Arabic, do have a licoricey vanilla scent

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